No Yolk.

NO YOKE. Sherwin contemplates a presidential toss-off.

I met a guy on Friday night who claimed to be the thrower of the egg that struck Bush’s limo at his 2001 inauguration. His bold move was immortalized in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, (though I couldn’t find any clips of it on youtube or anywhere else. ) He said he wore a trench coat lined with eggs ready-to-toss. hard to believe that a chap dressed like that could make it into DC nowadays without have his cavities combed. I’ve often fantasized about a mass-egging of Bush as he exits the white house. If everyone brought an egg and just threw it in his general direction it would be very satisfying.

Tangentially, I’d like to state here that I’m going to be making an effort from now on to eat more hard boiled eggs. They are delicious, nutritious, cheap and come in their own carrying case.


One Response to Eggings

  1. Very nice. Add the perfect gift and you’ve almostgot the perfect breakfast.

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