To you blog newbies (Like Obama, I’m bringing new people into the process), MyDD is one of the original political blogs. Markos Mouli– blogged there before creating Daily Kos. MyDD’s founder Jerome Armstrong, “the blogfather” apparently plays a prominent role in Matt Bai’s new book, The Argument, which I’m prepared to dislike. This is a roundabout way of plugging my latest post at MyDD, What’s the Sphere Waiting For?


One Response to MyDD

  1. Nice Work, Miz.

    Southern Democrats always seem to sell populism more credibly than Northern Democrats (Remember Dukakis’ risible “I’m On Your Side” spots?) or career Washingtonians (Read Al Gore, Jr. in 2000)

    I suspect it’s because Southern Democrats are reared on it. There are no Southern liberals, only populists. A tradition that has spawned national figures from Tom Watson and Huey Long to LBJ and Al Gore, Sr.

    Can Edwards succeed as a Paladin of Populism? The regrettable irony is that his message probably has more valence in a national campaign than in primaries outside the Prarie Midwest and the South.

    It might help however if Edwards messes up his hair a little with one of those work day publicity stunts where the candidate goes to a factory somewhere in the Rust Belt and puts in 8hrs with the roughnecks on an assembly line. He also could take some oratory lessons from Tom Harkin, the Prairie Populist Par Excellence. (How’s that for a little alliteration?)

    “Damn, I’d vote for a Yeller Dog if it’s put one of them thar Democrats in the White House” — Cleetus the Yokel.

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