Welcome, Sherwinsky

You may have noticed that the Beast is growing, with the emergence–nay, ascendance–of Sherwinsky, who weighs in here on Christian Bale’s allure, or lack thereof. I’m agnostic both on the question on Bale’s sex appeal and acting ability, as I’ve missed his last eleven movies or so, since Laurel Canyon, in which he turned in a forgettable performance that I’ve forgotten. I’ve been wanting to see the Machinist even though (or because) it takes the anorexic porn of Survivor episodes to Auschwitz-like levels.

As for Shewinsky, I won’t say much about him–I respect the confidentiality of my colleagues–but I will tell you that he’s long overestimated his vertical jump. Expect to see lackluster puns in the titles of his post.


One Response to Welcome, Sherwinsky

  1. Christian Bale is a steaming hunk of man, and you should really see The Prestige to fully understand his appeal.
    Aside from that, I’m wondering if you still play “Candyland?”
    the former Judy Labbee

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