Bale Out

Has anyone else noticed the Christian Bale love-fest that is taking place in the world’s panties these days? Does anyone else think it’s weird? After seeing Rescue Dawn Lisa (that’s my girlfriend, interneters) called to inform me that she would be having sex with Mr. Bale as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Being somewhat of a homo myself (see Elba, Idris) I rushed out to see this film. It’s a good one, don’t get me wrong. And that dude can act, don’t get me wronger. But I don’t really get it about him.

You know who everyone loves? Paul Rudd. If you don’t love Paul Rudd, you are a humorless eunuch.


One Response to Bale Out

  1. […] is growing, with the emergence–nay, ascendance–of Sherwinsky, who weighs in on the mysterious allure of Christian Bale. I’m agnostic both of the question of his sex appeal and acting ability, as […]

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