BoBo Likes Edwards?

David Brooks hates economic populism, of which John Edwards is a leading proponent, so it was a surprise to see him write a fawning column about my guy. Brooks actually did some on-the-ground reporting in Iowa and liked what he saw:

…[T]he Edwards campaign is based on the same conviction that organized his last campaign: no one understands regular people the way he does. No one else can get out of a bus in places like Pocahontas, Iowa, and bond with the farmers, nurses and hairstylists the way he can. No one else comes from their ranks the way he does.

Well said, although elsewhere he says Edwards is “culturally conservative.” A bizarre claim that speaks to JRE’s ability to run to the left and still come off as moderate. A Southern accent has that effect, I guess. Or perhaps Bobo is so surprised to see a liberal connecting with “regular” people, he assumes he must be conservative. Weird. Over at Ezra Klein, Neil the Ethical Werewolf has more.


One Response to BoBo Likes Edwards?

  1. sherwinsky says:

    I thought we were going to be blogging about toilet-related subjects. What gives?

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