The Truth About Insidious Beast

Loyal readers of this blog may have noticed that there’s no one blogging here but me, with several linx to things Mizner. And I’m the only contributor listed. Is this a vanity blog disguised as a group project? What gives?

The truth is, I’ve been promising to start a blog for my friends and me for about two years. (The blog was going to be called Great Dump, but most of my friends found the name unclever.) The little bio in the back of my book says I contribute to “Insidious Beast, a blog that I created,” so I figured such a thing ought to exist. Here it is, thanks to my brother-in-law Bruno, who put this together today.

Once my friends know it exists, anywhere from four to eight of them will be joining me. I already heard from my friend in Seattle, who’ll probably be contributing posts on food, music, and animals. Perhaps he’ll provide our readers with recipes.

Okay, two posts, one book plug, zero funny jokes.


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