Welcome to Insidious Beast’s inaugural post. Chances are, I know you, so hi.

I started this blog to give me and my friends a place to put stuff: words, thoughts, opinions, poems, old love letters, new love letters, whatever we want. No rules. To see our contributors, click on that little “about” button up there.

I’m going to be writing about politics, books, and maybe popular culture. I also blog at Daily Kos from time to time, and I have a one-post-a-week-gig at MyDD promoting my choice for president, John Edwards. You’ll hear more than you want to hear about him. In this recent Kos post, I take Matt Stoller to task for claiming that John Edwards’s message on poverty is “a little racist.” How’d I do?

Anyhoo, thanks for being here at the creation.


One Response to Hi

  1. Hello, Insidious Beast! I’m an Ethical Werewolf.

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